: Circumvision
1.Summer of my life7:08  9.Crimpse part 10:20  
2.Day in day out5:14  10.To a square5:41  
3.Somewhere in the evening5:29  11.Intercaps0:11  
4.Y5:17  12.Partnership3:44  
5.Cobweb0:30  13.Crimpse part 21:05  
6.Y live (Circumvision)2:05  14.Keep control of what I am8:08  
7.Opening of the gate of noise0:11  15.Encount0:11  
8.Put up the organized fight4:29  

Composed by

Bert Vermijs
Music/Lyrics (1,2,3,4,5)
Jos Hustings
Music/Lyrics (8,10,11,12,14)
Sam Samshuijzen
Music (7,14a,14b,14c,14d)
Music (4,6,9,13,15)

Performed by

Bert Vermijs
Piano, string, clavinet
synthesizers, vocals
Jos Hustings
Guitar, vocals
Cees Michielsen
Drums, percussion
tuned percussion
Twan van der Heiden
Bass guitar, percussion
Marij van den Berg
Vocals on 2
Nicos Tsiloijannis
Percussion on 1
Sam Samshuijzen
Electronic intervisions on 9,13,14
phasing of 11
Richard Davies
Vocoder on 2,14

Recorded by

UAP and Hans Fleskens
at Xilovox, 1978
except * Recorded live at Raamsdonksveer

Re-released on CD, 2003
Cleaned and remixed at Studio Denkraam - Ederveen


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